When the Only Tool You Have is a Hammer

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When all you have is a hammer, that doesn’t mean you use it to beat that square peg into a round hole. Some situations call for a little more finesse. The world of construction, for example, is often confusing like that — when do you need force and when do you need flair? The best advice from Asheville contractors is to hire based on your current need.

Generally speaking, Asheville contractors are particularly qualified to help you find just the right skill set for your job. Due to the unusually large number of building and renovating projects in Western North Carolina, labor is just as hard to find as materials. But a general contractor can assemble a team to fit your construction or remolding project — including artisans and hammer-carrying construction workers.

What Distinguishes a Craftsman from a Construction Worker?

A construction worker may be great at what he does, but he does the same thing for everyone. A craftsman is especially skilled in a specific area, such as woodworking, cabinetry or stonework. Asheville craftsmen or artisans are skilled workers who can create:

  • A unique stair bannister to fit in your new mountain home
  • Niche bookcases for your library
  • Countertops that personalize your kitchen
  • One-of-a-kind decorations, chandeliers or door frame details
  • Custom patio enclosures or other stonework

A general contractor hires other contractors, like artisans or construction workers. These Asheville contractors — actually, they’re considered subcontractors — started out as artists before realizing their services as craftsmen would serve the real estate industry nicely. Many of these Asheville subcontractors are artists with a showroom or collections on display.

More for Your Money

If you want your flooring or backsplash in a mosaic pattern or modern style, you need an artisan with flare who understands your tastes and style. The custom work has to please you and fit the design of the house. A construction worker with just a hammer can’t manage that.

Hire general Asheville contractors whom you trust. Hiring the right person plays a big role in making your dream house a reality. A well-connected general contractor has the skills necessary to assemble the highest level of subcontractors to pull off every project, including yours.

The Right Tool for the Job

Quality construction for new houses and remodels involves finding the right skills and the right tools for the job. General contractors subcontract the craftsmen and construction workers and then oversee the work, acting as the point person to ensure everything remains on schedule. When he hires the best qualified individuals for each task, he makes his own job easier.

Most artisans working in the homebuilding industry are subcontractors. When they’re brought in for their expertise to consult on a large project or to complete a smaller, single job, they’re usually acting in a subcontractor role, unless you hire them directly. Artisan-level Asheville subcontractors usually own their own businesses; sometimes, they have a small crew or helpers, but they often work alone.

Who You Gonna Call? Asheville Contractors!

Craftsmen are familiar with all the intricacies of their chosen field. They are the people that solve your specific problems and pull new builds and remodels together into finished projects. When you have a small job that needs a hammer, call a carpenter who works for general Asheville contractors.

Call on artistic Asheville subcontractors directly when you know that a hammer alone just won’t do. Ask the general contractor who built your home and got to know you during the building process. He may be a good source for a referral. if your home is complete, and you’re looking for additional touches.