Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is more than a passing fad. And it’s definitely worth doing before you have to. While it’s clear that the environment, society and future generations stand to benefit from more people choosing to become energy efficient, Asheville custom home builders report that a personal financial benefit is still the motivating factor behind the decision to make changes.

And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Regardless of why you’ve decided that energy efficiency is in your best interest, you and your family aren’t the only ones that stand to reap the benefits. Asheville custom home builders lead the way in innovative ideas to revolutionize this area of construction and remodeling.

What It Really Means to Be Energy Efficient

The secrets to energy efficiency aren’t difficult or mysterious. Simply put, energy efficiency is all about providing you with the same services you’re accustomed to, but using less energy for them. Custom home builders know what it takes to get you there and can provide specific recommendations.

In the long run, your potential savings really add up, even though you see only small changes to your utility bills each month. Asheville custom home builders build energy efficient features into the homes they design and encourage clients to do the same for remodels. Improvements may include:

  • Improving your home’s insulation and weather stripping that better contains your heat during winter and your cool during summer.
  • Replacing your windows to decrease your home’s energy usage. Older, poor-quality windows cost you.
  • Using energy efficient appliances and light bulbs to reduce the power your home requires.
  • Updating your heating and cooling system to one with a programmable thermostat.
  • Installing solar panels to supplement your electric usage.

Waiting Is Not in Your Best Interest

Cutting your energy use improves your physical and financial health. If your home has heating and cooling leaks, you’re using more electricity than necessary. You may be throwing money away, often right through the walls and windows of your home.

Poor air quality also has a negative impact on the health of your loved ones. Having clogged ducts, dirty air filters or an outdated HVAC system increases the amount of airborne contaminates in your home. You may be exposing your family to:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Allergens

It Just Makes Sense

Knowing that your home is operating at its highest potential of energy efficiency provides peace of mind. Additionally, energy efficiency has become one of the leading features people ask about when in the market to build or purchase a home.

On a community level, making the shift towards an efficient home reduces your carbon footprint. The decision to become energy efficient helps to:

  • Decrease pollution
  • Reduce your community’s dependency on the fossil fuels
  • Increase the value of your home. Upgrades to ENERGY STAR-rated appliances are now selling points in the real estate market.

Asheville Custom Home Builders Can Advise You

Asheville custom home builders have energy efficient options to suit your personal needs and budget. Several proposals may become mandatory in the future, with the owners of new homes that fail to meet the standards and regulations fined.

By making your home more energy efficient now, you’re taking a proactive approach to improving your home and your bottom line. But more than that, you’re choosing to do it on your own terms at a time when you can do so comfortably without being forced.