Plotting Your New Home

Plotting Your New House

The mountains and foothills of Western North Carolina are currently hot commodities on the real estate market. You don’t have to go very far afield to find the gorgeous plots of land on which Asheville home builders are constructing high-end houses and luxury condominiums. While the mountainous topography presents unique concerns, the final results are nothing less than stunning when you hire a trusted consultant like Castle Home Builders.

There’s more involved in deciding where to build your home than simply owning or purchasing a plot; you have to factor in the views, logistics and the stability of the land. Expert Asheville home builders can guide you through the entire process. Finding the right spot to build your home on a piece of land is very different than buying an already-built house!

Consult, Consult, Consult

Buying land usually involves some unexpected, often unpleasant surprises. And there are many things to take into consideration before you even begin laying your foundation. Thankfully, Asheville home builders are familiar with all the details. And they can handle the mounds of red tape that purchasing property and building your dream home entails.

You’ll have many decisions to make during the process, such as:

  • Future growth. Is there room to add on to your original structure?
  • Weather. Is the house going to be unprotected from extreme sunlight or torrential downpours?
  • Sloping. Do you need an engineer to design steep slope erosion control? And what are the best ways to level the property?
  • Design. Does the property allow for the type of home you’ve always wanted?

Tackling All the Issues

There are so many considerations when you buy land. Arranging the capital is far from the hardest part. Experienced Asheville home builders expect that you won’t realize the staggering number of obstacles in the way of your goals. So, they ask the questions you haven’t even imagined. For example:

  • Legal issues. These range from knowing if there’s a valid percolation test for a septic system to zoning issues that cover situations such as:
    • Right-of-way access and who’s responsible for maintaining the road
    • Wetlands or other habitats that require protection
    • Septic rules that cover where they’re possible and when they’re restricted
    • Historical or cultural sites that have covenants on them
    • Toxic or chemical clean up from farm equipment or industrial waste
  • Construction Issues. Before you can begin building, you need to verify if you have access for construction equipment. You may run into soil concerns such as:
    • Uncompacted fill
    • Extensive clay
    • Potential blasting issues
    • Steep slopes
    • Unstable land
  • Cost Factors. As when you buy a new house, you still have to conduct a title search, pay closing costs and buy the land. You may have to order utility lines if the property isn’t already developed. And you’ll need permits for everything! Get ready to pay fees for:
    • Water
    • Sewer
    • Electric
    • Gas

And this is a shortened list of everything you need when plotting your new home. But the good news is Asheville home builders have got you covered. The peace of mind that comes from not having to stress over each and every detail is priceless. The whole point is to build your dream, not live a nightmare. Don’t go it alone; seek the aid of qualified professionals like Castle Home Builders.