Garages, Guest Houses and More

garages guest houses and more

Garages, guest houses and more, oh my! These additions to your home have the potential to make your life more comfortable and add substantial value to your home investment. Whenever you’re looking to maximize your investment, there are a number of options available. But not all add-ons are created equal.

Some additions provide a competitive edge in the housing market while others can actually serve to decrease the value of your home. Asheville contractors are well-versed what types of projects can return the most for your money. While the housing market in this area continues to skyrocket, there are still some ways to get even more value for your property than you ever imagined.

Garages Add More Than Value

Aside from the lasting and long-term value a garage adds to your property, you’re also increasing utility and function. It may come as a surprise, but storage space is one more appealing feature to potential buyers that’s hard to top. According to Asheville contractors, whether you plan on staying in your home or are interested in selling at the best possible price, a garage or shed addition is a sensible investment to increase your bottom line.

Building a garage is full of potential. Functional spaces such as garages and sheds can be used for almost anything. You’re really only limited by your imagination. Sure, you can use them to park your cars, boats and motorcycles. But a man-cave or artist studio might be much more fun. And garages and sheds can always be converted into additional living space with a little insulation, an attached bath and some heating and air conditioning.

A Guest Home Serves More Than Guests

While a guest house takes care of your visitors passing through the area, it can also be the perfect place to keep aging family members close. You may also consider using it to spare your sanity when adult children move back in. But the possibilities don’t end there. A guest home can be the perfect source of additional income if you’re willing to take on the responsibilities of a landlord. For many, this is an ideal option to help make buying a home a reality.

If you’re considering building a guest home, also called an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), there are several factors to bear in mind. Every city has its own specific set of rules and regulations for these structures. Thankfully, Asheville contractors are familiar with all of the guidelines and red-tape. Save yourself a lot of stress and headaches by reaching out for help to make your vision a reality.

Time to Stop Dreaming

Asheville contractors have the knowledge, vision and capabilities to take your home to the next level. Functional additions give your home the type of competitive edge that ultimately helps you fetch the highest price when you do decide to sell.

The beauty of working with experienced Asheville contractors is that they are well-acquainted with this market. With property values in Western North Carolina at an all-time high, the potential to increase your return is astounding. Let a contractor like Castle Home Builders guide you through the best ways to improve your home and meet the needs of your family.