Smart Homes Make Smart Investments

smart homes make smart investments

Take it from one of the top custom home builders in Asheville: it’s worth every penny you put into making your home technologically savvy — both for your satisfaction and the resale value. In fact, by 2020, smart home values are expected to top $40 billion.

If you don’t install the bells and whistles when you’re building your home, you can bet that buyers will expect them to be added as after – market items when you flip the house or sell it in the future. And the future is not that far off.

What’s All the Fuss?

A smart home refers to the automation your custom home builders in Asheville can install in a dwelling. The practice actually has been in use for decades: think home security systems and automatic garage door openers. Today’s smart homes have added features that include:

  • Being able to turn on the heat or air conditioning remotely
  • Tying all the appliances into one assistive talking device
  • Sensors throughout your house that tell you when you have intruders
  • Energy-monitoring devices
  • Wireless sound systems
  • Programmable light fixtures
  • Camera feeds to anywhere in the world
  • Wi-Fi connected electrical outlets

And that doesn’t even include your robotic floor cleaner or your friendly automated kitchen cook. On top of that, most of the smart hook-ups inside and around your home are accessible from your smartphone. That enough fuss for you? If not, you can expect more in the coming years.

Custom Home Builders in Asheville Rave About Technology

Research in 2018 shows that 81 percent of Americans now own at least one smart home device or plan on buying one in 2019. And that’s an increase of 38 percent over just 2017! It’s not just millennials who are interested in the internet of things (IoT) applied to their living spaces either. A good percentage of those surveyed were baby boomers with the tech savviness and the money to invest in smart home technology.

The reasons vary. Some people just like to have the latest shiny tech toys on the market, but most homebuyers don’t fool around when it comes to their living spaces. The most commonly reported reasons that custom home builders in Asheville rave about smart home IoT are the benefits their clients desire, in order of importance:

  • Convenience
  • Safety and security
  • Lower energy bills
  • Increase in home value

Homebuyers Just Want to Have Fun

One of the downsides of homeownership in the past was the amount of time it took to maintain the house. Renting was attractive for busy young families, retirees and everyone in between who prefers spending quality family time together, traveling and enjoying their surroundings. The lament often heard by custom home builders in Asheville has been: “I love the house, but why can’t it just take care of itself?”

Now, that dream is closer than ever. Imagine setting the timer on your lawnmower that opens its own covered space and cuts the grass while you go hiking with your friends. Think of the time you’ll save when you can walk in the house and have dinner nearly complete so you can spend time helping the kids with their homework.

Talk to Castle Home Builders, one of the custom home builders in Asheville, about adding all the available IoT for smart homes as you work on the completed design. Building it into the original infrastructure of the house is more efficient than adding it on afterward.