Your Forever Home

Your Forever Home floorplan

A forever home is the one you’ve been waiting for forever and the one you want to stay in forever! If you’ve been searching for just the right home in just the right neighborhood, you know what a game of roulette that can be. By far, the easiest way to get exactly what you’re looking for is by asking for help from Asheville custom home builders.
When you make the choice to build your own forever home, you and your family can live in a special place that fits your individual lifestyle and suits your personal needs — exactly as you’ve pictured it. Your forever home serves your needs as you go through life’s many changes, from starting a family to enjoying your later years. Planning a home that’s uniquely yours is an exciting process!

Beyond the Floor Plan

Asheville custom home builders help you plan every detail of your new home, starting with the floor plan, but also going well beyond that. Floor plans can be customized just about any way you like. Your forever home can be set up exactly the way you wanted. Some other customized options to consider include:

  • Wall and floor coverings
  • Light fixtures and lighting, including natural light
  • Ceiling fans
  • Fireplaces
  • Size, style and placement of cabinets
  • Countertops
  • Style of windows and doors
  • Open floor plan or defined rooms
  • Built-in seating, bookcases or shelves
  • Porch or patio
  • Security system

Your taste, style and personality can be reflected throughout your home. You don’t have to settle for living in a place that someone else has created. Your own vision can be brought to life with the help of the best Asheville custom home builders.

Asheville Custom Home Builders Make Your Home Uniquely Yours

By building your forever home, you get to choose the layout to give your home what you need and the accents to give the home what you like. These finishing flourishes allow you to put your stamp on your new home. In every room, you’ll be able see something that make the home uniquely yours.

For example, consider the many different choices that you can make when it comes to walls: not only where they are, but what they look like. You don’t have to settle for standard drywall. Choose shiplap, board and batten detailing, wainscoting or wall-to-ceiling windows. Stone can accent a fireplace, a stairway, even your kitchen.

More Options, Your Choice

Ceilings can give a room character, too. For example, decorative paint and patterns on the ceiling can liven up the space, while baseboard or plank on the ceiling adds charm. Built-in cabinets and light fixtures can add interest. And don’t forget that mirrors can create the illusion of more space. When you custom-build, all these complementary details can be sketched into your initial plans, but you can swap them out as your tastes and opinions change.
Take the stress out of trying to find the perfect home that you want to live in forever. Instead, take advantage of the expertise of Asheville custom home builders. Get started creating the perfect home for you and your family. Your forever home may be the last home you’ll ever need … or want.