6 Hot Home Design Trends

6 hot home design trends

Custom home builders have to stay on top of home design trends if they want to keep their reputation intact. When you ask for advice, you want to know that the suggestions you receive reflect up-to-date design trends and the latest possible options. You don’t want a tired yesterday house; you want a fresh tomorrow house with all the amenities and comfort you can get.

Fortunately, you’ve arrived at the right place. Castle Home Builders never stops researching ideas to bring you the latest and greatest in:

  • New home design elements
  • Smarter home designs
  • Updated technologies
  • Built-in functionality
  • The latest materials
  • Fine-tuned details
  • A range of new options

Custom Home Builders Can Do It

Building a house takes time to do right. From the initial design to the finishing touch, every step has to be perfect for you. So, contact us to find out about these six hot trends — and more! — that custom home builders are now incorporating into designs:

  1. Big, Open Kitchens

    While it may seem that this idea has been around since the 2000s, kitchens have grown even more important since then. Bigger is definitely better when it comes to kitchen space. An open design lets the whole family help out with dinner, and it brings the party into the kitchen. Smart appliances and a spot for your tablet — for recipes or videos — deliver 21st century functionality, too. An open kitchen is just part of the trend that includes more open floor plans.
  2. Great Rooms
    Formal dining rooms are out. Home buyers no longer want a room they hardly ever use. In its place are great rooms: open spaces that combine dining, family and living rooms into one large area. These spaces are more versatile, inclusive and so very open. You can customize these spaces to reflect your unique personality. Add large windows and your great room feels expansive. Open floor plans have the added advantage of allowing home buyers to age in place with just a few tweaks.
  3. Master Bathroom Suites

    Bathrooms have been expanding ever since indoor plumbing. Now the latest trend for custom home builders is bathrooms large enough to hang out in, even if it’s just the two of you. A large jetted tub, a couple of comfortable, water-resistant chairs and a big screen create a space fit for your own private spa.
  4. Multiple Fireplaces
    Indoor fireplaces and outdoor firepits transform a building into a home. You don’t need them for heat anymore, but there’s just something about a warm fireplace — in the living room, den, porch and even the master bedroom — to make you feel cozy. Wood fireplaces inside are still special, but gas firepits add to the convenience. Innovative designs make your patio or outdoor space an extension of your indoor space.
  5. Outdoor Living Spaces
    Indoor-outdoor amenities are in demand. This isn’t about tacking on a large deck or adding a wrap-around porch. New design trends for custom home builders incorporate the outdoor spaces as part of indoor living. Maybe it’s a glass wall that opens onto a balcony or patio. Perhaps it’s a bridge that leads to an outdoor hot tub, barbecue pit or pool. It could also be a useable rooftop deck. Technology brings music and video entertainment to the outdoors as well.
  6. Smart Home Technology
    The future is here now. Connected home devices make life simpler and safer. Custom home designs can incorporate sensor locks, security cameras, temperature control, automatic lighting, color-changing light bulbs, built-in speakers and internet voice-activated commands, robotic vacuum systems and window shade controls —even window glass with built-in opacity settings. Your custom home builders can deliver a home that keeps you safe and cozy.